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Gateway MX6453 Laptop Battery


Capacity: 4400 mAh
Chemistry: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8 Volts
Cells: 8
wHr: 65
Color: Black
Warranty: 1 Year
Cell Manufacturer: Samsung/LG
Length: 12
Weight: 1
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Gateway MX6453 Laptop Battery (GA03) - 14.8V    SKU: GATEWAY-MX6453
About this product

If you need a replacement battery for your laptop computer, you should look for the most cost effective and longest lasting laptop battery available. Our custom engineered Professional Series replacement laptop batteries are the first and only high capacity extended longer life battery upgrade available. This battery is manufactured using the highest quality battery cells with integrated charge indicator LEDs. Depending on the model some upgrade will last up to 68% longer than your factory issued laptop battery. Longer life means more uptime for your batteries and better performance from your computer. Guaranteed quality Professional laptop batteries with a risk free 60 day return policy makes Laptop Battery One replacement laptop computer batteries the best value on the market.
  • Professional grade A cell batteries custom manufactured for high performance and longer life to exceed OEM specifications
  • Every replacement laptop battery is thoroughly safety tested and certified in our ISO 9001 factories
  • The Exact Match System guarantees every Professional replacement laptop battery to be 100% compatible and optimized for your OEM system.
  • Superior Design for True Fit and Finish
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Extended Run Time and Longer Life Battery.
  • Environmentally Responsible.
  • Comprehensive Guarantee.
  • Increased Power Regulation for Efficiency.
Order Your Replacement Battery Today – Backed by the Industry’s Only
60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
This battery is offered with a 2-Year warranty.
To purchase this battery with a 1-Year Warranty, click here.
Our mission at Laptop Battery One is to provide you with as much information possible to make the best decision for your battery needs. We've taken the time to do the research for you and have created a simple chart that outlines the important factors when buying a laptop battery. We've created the 7 Laptop Battery Secrets battery manufacturers don't want you to know!

Compatible Laptop Models:
Gateway 6000 Notebook Series:
  • 6018GZ 5009
  • 6018GH 5192
  • 6020GZ 4991
  • 6021GZ 5206
  • 6021GH 5207
  • 6022GZ 4992
  • 6023GP 5331
  • 6518GZ 5051
  • 6520GZ 4993
  • 6525GP 5332
Gateway 8000 Notebook Series:
  • 8510GZ 5010
  • 8515GZ 103913
Gateway MX6000 Notebook Series:
  • MX6025 5376
  • MX6025h 5643
  • MX6027 5377
  • MX6027h 5495
  • MX6028 5433
  • MX6030 5378
  • MX6121 1008851
  • MX6123 1008852
  • MX6124 5386
  • MX6124h 5496
  • MX6128 5951
  • MX6135 5954
  • MX6200
  • MX6216
  • MX6400
  • MX6420 5955
  • MX6421 5956
  • MX6423 5957
  • MX6424 6094
  • MX6424h 6246
  • MX6425 5958
  • MX6428 6096
  • MX6436 1008822
  • MX6437 1008823
  • MX6438 1008901
  • MX6440 1008824
  • MX6440h 1008867
  • MX6442 1008825
  • MX6450 5959
  • MX6455 1008826
  • MX6625 5379
  • MX6627 5509
  • MX6627h 5510
  • MX6629 5818
  • MX6629h 5819
  • MX6631 5960
  • MX6633 6332
  • MX6633h 6333
  • MX6640b 6317
  • MX6641 1008965
  • MX6641h 1008964
  • MX6650 5380
  • MX6650h 5497
  • MX6708 6244
  • MX6708h 6245
  • MX6710 5961
  • MX6750 5962
  • MX6951 1008963
  • MX6951h 1008962
  • MX6426
  • MX6446
  • MX6447
  • MX6448
  • MX6453
Gateway MX6900 Notebook Series:
  • MX6928
  • MX6930
  • MX6931
  • MX6955
  • X6956
Gateway MX8000 Notebook Series:
Gateway M360 Notebook Series:
  • M360 3401701
Gateway M460 Notebook Series:
  • M460 QCD10MBZZZ06C8
Gateway M680 Notebook Series:
  • M680 3400467
Gateway NX500 Notebook Series:
  • NX550XL 1008593
  • NX550X 1008592
  • NX500S 1008590
  • NX500X 1108591
  • NX500S w/S-Video 1008569
  • NX500X w/S-Video 1008570
  • NX550
  • NX850
Gateway S-7500N Notebook Series:
  • S-7500N 1008586
  • S-7700N 1008587
Corresponding Part #'s:
  • SQU-412
  • SQU-413
  • SQU-414
  • SQU-415
  • 916C4730F
  • MA1
  • MA1 3S2P
  • MA1 4S2P
  • 2PA2BTLI602
  • 2MA7BTLI612
  • 2MA3BTLI603
  • AHA842240a0
  • AHA63224A34
  • AHA63224819
  • AHA63224614
  • AHA63226064
  • 103329
  • 103926
  • 106214
  • 106229
  • 106842
  • 106868
  • 1533557
  • 1533558
  • 6501097
  • 6500948
  • 6500949
  • 6500982
  • 6500996
  • 6MSB
  • 8MSB
  • 6MSBG
  • 8MSBG
  • 916-4060
  • 916C3350F
  • 916C3360F
  • 916C4720F
  • 3UR18650F-2-QC-MA1
  • 3UR18650F-2-QC-MA6
  • 3RU18650F-2-QC-MA1/QC224
  • 4UR18650-2-QC-MA1
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5 Star Review Feb-14-2014
"Excellent Service! I ordered a new battery and charger at a good price at 10:42am on Wed, got an order confirmation from you at 10:46am, a shipping confirmation and UPS tracking number at 1:42pm and the right product delivered at 9:53am the next day (23 hours later). It couldn't have been easier or faster. Good work. This is exactly how Internet business is supposed to work. My thanks to the team."
5 Star Review Feb-13-2014
"Good morning: The new battery arrived and following the install directions, my laptop registered it to be almost 80% charged. It took the rest of the day to run it down completely, so I'd estimate 7 hrs of use at 80%. I was somewhat cautious ordering this battery as I'd just gone through a headache return project on a battery purchased elsewhere. I'm 100% satisfied with this battery and have already referred a couple of my buddies to your site. Thank you"
-Dave Logue
5 Star Review Jan-27-2014
"I just wanted to say thanks for WONDERFUL service. My recent order #283307 came so quickly and was exactly what I needed. Since I know you get complaints sometimes I thought I'd give you praise. I will tell others about your website"
-Shirley Everroad
5 Star Review Dec-8-2013
"I have received my laptop battery, and am completely happy and satisfied, not only with the battery, but your very prompt shipping, excellent packageing, and great instructions. I have followed those, and have the battery successfully installed. Thanks for a perfect internet transaction!"
-Janelle Fischer
5 Star Review Dec-8-2013
"I have received my laptop battery, and am completely happy and satisfied, not only with the battery, but your very prompt shipping, excellent packageing, and great instructions. I have followed those, and have the battery successfully installed. Thanks for a perfect internet transaction!"
-Janelle Fischer
5 Star Review Nov-03-2013
"I recently called about replacing a Laptop Battery One battery that would no longer hold a charge. I bought it about a year ago and was amazed how courteous a efficient your company handled everything. No hassle, no problem, just sent it back for a replacement!
I very seldom take the time to email a company about their service, but you are the exception. Can't tell you how pleased I am and I will certainly recommend you to others as well as continue to do business with you. The replacement battery is working fine and holding 100% charge."
-Barry Nelson
4 Star Review Sep-19-2013
"The battery was shipped quickly and without fuss and, so far, seems to be exactly what was promised. Unfortunately, laptop batteries often take weeks or months to show substantial defects, so it's not yet possible to know whether this item will continue to do its job. Assuming that it does, then my experience will have been a satisfactory one."
-Scott S.
5 Star Review Jul-18-2013
"Product was delivered earlier than expected. Service has been very good even though I ordered wrong battery exchange process has been very user friendly."
-Ozzie B.
5 Star  

Review Jul-16-2013
"Very positive. The transaction was smooth, the shipping fast. Product was exactly as described."
-Tammy H.
5 Star  

Review Jul-15-2013
"This company's website is easy to navigate and the speed of receiving my order was unbelievably fast. The battery fit perfect and has been charged and discharged 6 times per Laptop Battery One's directions. Looks like the battery is holding about a 5 hour charge and my daughter is ecstatic as I also am. Great company with quality grade A cells used. I would recommend this battery company to anyone."
-Gary H.
5 Star  

Review Jul-15-2013
"Very quick turn around and the battery worked like a charm!
Keep up the good work! I will always order from you guys I am your customer for life, must add that you guys were the cheapest from everyone I searched online."
-T. Channel
5 Star  

Review Jul-14-2013
"Awesome. I watched laptop battery one's instructional videos, reviewed the competitors information, did my own search and ended up coming to Laptop battery one because they gave such good information at what seemed like a fair price. I highly appreciated all the educational and transparent information that was provided. I also was able to search the web and find a discount coupon which covered, basically, the price of the shipping! Then I received my battery in just two days even though I chose the 7-10 day shipping. Lastly, I highly appreciated the step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use my battery properly. I also felt really get about getting the battery because of the 60 day money back guarantee. Overall, this was one of my BEST shopping experiences ever. If only everyone could sell products like Laptop battery one does, consumers would be much happier."
-Leah K.
5 Star  

Review Jul-13-2013
"My experience with Laptop Battery One was GREAT. I was taken care of in a VERY EFFECIENT and TIMELY MANNER. This company guided me through every step of the way and followed up with E mails to make sure I was notified of what was going on throughout the process. I am now enjoying my product and feel so secure that I will use Laptop Battery One AGAIN if the need arises. The PRICES are UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP with the full backing of the company. Thank You Once Again. I have already recommended you to all my friends."
-Peter S.
Price: $25.95
Availability: In Stock Now

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